To coincide with the theatre production ‘Gauhar Jaan - The Datia Incident’ the exhibition curator and ethnomusicologist Rolf Killius created and curated a new exciting exhibition. It is based on the early recording industry, the life of Gauhar Jaan and other musicians, and the music played and recorded in India at the beginning of the 20th Century.

The writer Tarun Jasani and the theatre director Mukul Ahmed have created and produced this spellbinding new drama based on the life of this singer; it is about love, intrigue and innovation. The play is produced by Mukul & Ghetto Tigers, funded by the Arts Council and supported by the Tower Hamlets Council. The exhibition and the theatre performances were staged at the Omnibus Theatre in 2018.


Gauhar Jaan - Omnibus Theatre Gauhar Jaan - You Tube