In 2015 the Ruya Foundation for Contemporary Culture in Iraq invited Rolf Killius to conduct a course and workshop on sound art and intangible heritage and to initiate a project on traditional and contemporary sounds in Baghdad. The theory and practical examples and their own experience enabled the participants to get an understanding of both, the opportunity to create a sound art project and the importance of archiving of traditional Iraqi music.The course participants decided to start a sound art project called Baghdad Wahid.

Baghdad Wahid focuses on the idea of the oneness and uniqueness of the ancient city of Baghdad and its inhabitants. Recorded sounds of Baghdad could be presented on a ‘sound map’ online, in an exhibition onsite or both. For the project especially young people from all parts of Baghdad should be encouraged to participate with their own audio files, a short description and a photograph. The participants reached an agreement that all kinds of aural expressions should be allowed; only sound, which incite hatred and violence must be banned.


Ruya Foundation Monitor Article