"Poems of Prishtina, a City in Europe – A cross-media Installation"

Upcoming Exhibitions by Holger Maik Mertin and Rolf Killius

Prishtina, the capital of Kosovo, enchants with so many things: euphonic staircases, a living tunnel, a cage in a museum, crazy entrances to the National Library, sleeping beauties in the Palace of Youth and Sports, and, and, and....

The project "Poems of Prishtina" is based on the results of the performance-film project "Sounds of Prishtina", from the end of 2020, sponsored by the Goethe Centre Prishtina. Recently, performance artist Holger Maik Mertin (Cologne) and filmmaker/exhibition curator Rolf Killius (London) visited special spaces in this city. The result is eight art & short films.

In the upcoming exhibitions, the two artists pose the questions that also emerged in the recording processes of the films: How do we appropriately approach the sensitive social contexts in Prishtina as non-Kosovar artists? How do we deal with the "public space"? What are our patterns of behaviour in doing so? Who owns the public space? How do we move in the public space? What does the public space sound like? What is normal? What is good? What is unpleasant? What is allowed and what not?

Holger Maik Mertin and Rolf Killius are concerned with the connection between society and architecture - their interactions, history and development processes. Their actions/interventions take into account the local conflict situations of Kosovo, which are not so far in the past. They show them in relation to today's modern and young society.

Art Films: Poems of Prishtina

Radio Shows on Traditional Music of Kosovo By Rolf Killius